Once upon a time, there lived a Prince who dreamed of adventure and loved nothing more than stories. In a castle that teetered on a cliff above a stormy ocean, the Prince would play his lute while imagining the lands beyond the sea and the strange creatures that might live there.
 “Your majesties,” the butler began, “this young woman –“  “Princess,” interrupted the girl.  “Ahem, yes, this Princess was knocking at the door. She is looking for shelter from the storm.”
 The Princess (close-up)
 Once the Princess was warm and dressed in what the Queen considered to be much more suitable garments, they returned to dinner.
 And what a bed it was! Twenty mattresses were piled one on top of the other and on top of those lay twenty eiderdown quilts. A ladder reached all the way to the top so the poor Princess could get into the bed.
 She looked around as the Prince came running towards them, carrying a bag overflowing with books, quills, inks and paper, with his lute thrown over his shoulder.
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