The poor frog Prince was deeply unhappy.
 The frog quickly brought up her ball, but no sooner did she have it than she skipped back to the castle, completely forgetting both the frog and her promise.
 The middle Princess noticed the frog was looking a little self-conscious. “Why do you want a princess for a friend anyway, Mr Frog? Why not a lizard, or a fish, or another frog?”  “Ah, well, you see… Oh you’d never believe me.” Said the frog sadly.
 He was woken with a bump and a thud in the morning, having suddenly become much too big for a pillow and fallen to the floor, as the enchantment unravelled and he regained his true form.
 A fine feast was held for the Prince and he was given new clothes and a horse with which to travel to his own land, for his own family were no doubt missing him greatly.
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