Long ago in the midst of a dark forest there stood a forbidding castle, and in the castle lived a beast who was terrifying in both temper and appearance.
 The next morning she watched the man leave and was about to turn away when he reached up and broke a rose from the most beautiful rose tree in her garden.
 Each day Beauty was in the castle the Beast endeavoured to find new things to distract and delight her, from the great castle library, to rooms of paintings and sculptures, to gardens in which roses were but the least of the charms.
 When Beauty still did not return, the Beast felt her heart was breaking and she collapsed in sorrow under her rose trees. Barely conscious, she hardly heard as Beauty clattered into the castle grounds, calling for her, fear filling her voice as the Beast did not answer.
 Beauty looked at strange lady before her, bewildered.  “But, where is my Beast?” she cried.
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