Once upon a time in a cold and bitter land there ruled a King and Queen who had one child, a young daughter. The King was selfish, greedy and cruel.
 She folded each dress up so small it fit inside a walnut shell, then she put these shells in her pocket, threw on the cloak of many furs and crept out of the castle in the dead of night.
 They called her Allerleirauh, which meant ‘all-kinds-of-fur’, and in the palace she was sent to the kitchen, where she carried wood and water, made the simplest of dishes and swept the ashes from the fire.
 Allerleirauh quickly went to her room and took off her cloak. Scrubbing the soot off her face and hands, she put on the dress as golden as the sun and she went to the ball.
 The Queen, curious, bade her tell her tale. Allerleirauh related all that had befallen her, sparing no detail. At the end she threw off the cloak and was revealed as the stranger from the past two nights of the ball, and she begged the Queen for her help.
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